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🧝🏽‍♀️The Amazonian | Episode 1


I am an Amazon woman. I bound through the fields of Amazonian products and fiercely purchase items with my elite prime status that...

OK, I'm done with that. 💀

I feel like everyone is a prime member nowadays. Amirite?

So!!! THE AMAZONIAN (the dramaaaa) will feature my recent unnecessary (but necessary) purchases that either make my life easier... or more fun...

// imaginary toast to "fun" adulting //🥂

1) Face Spatulas:

So these are a must for those skincare products that come in a jar. Maybe I am a germaphobe but daily dipping my fingers into precious jars of skincare products so that germs can multiply & congregate in pools of Neutrogena water gel is not my type of party! There's four in the pack that I bought and they're not expensive but... they ARE super cute!🧖🏽‍♀️

2) Peter Thomas Roth 24K Prism Cream:

You know that glow you get after you finish your skin care routine and you're all fresh and clean and glowing? This is that in a tube. I haven't experienced the firming or lifting properties it claims to have but I don't know how many people buy this product specifically for that claim anyways.. I know I didn't. A little goes a long way and you can use it all over or as a targeted glow. It does have a golden sheen (not like a chunky glitter, more like a very fine shimmering sheen) so that is something to consider if you feel it won't translate nicely on your skin or will clash with your skin tone. I also determine it isn't great in those areas where there are fine lines so I typically control my application and use it as a targeted highlighting skincare product. 💫

3) Super Cute Folding Fans:

I love them! I gave one to my daughter and we have been walking around the house peacock flocking our fans just for fun. The main reason I wanted a folding fan (or fans lol) was so I could dry down facial mists and setting sprays faster when I didn't feel like waiting.. AND when my eyes decide to ruin all of my makeup efforts and react to anything I use that isn't hypo-allergenic.... and have to be fanned due to the newly "hazardous" fumes of the same eyeliner I've been using for a decade. Oh, the joys of aging....😫

It's also a great way to exit a conversation after a one-liner... 🎳


**fan flick**


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