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I'm not ready...

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Since when did you get into that?

Why are you even doing it?

So are you a subject matter expert?

Are you sure you want to take that on?

Shouldn't you wait until you are a little better at it?

I've never seen a meme so applicable! While we wait to feel ready, wait for other people to view us as worthy, wait for the perfect moment, wait for everyone to love us, wait for a launch to go through the roof, we are wasting all of our passion and creative hunger.

Ask any successful business owner... they will tell you in the beginning the only thing driving the business was their passion and vision.

⚠️So who would question someone about something they're PASSIONATE about?

🏴‍☠️Two kinds of people:🏴‍☠️

❌Semi-Likeminded: Those who wish they could branch out of their normal routine and generate passive income but either lack the vision, confidence or creativity to do so and give themselves the exact excuses that they project onto you as discouragement.

❌Not The Same: Those who simply lack self-esteem and hate to see others living out loud regardless of the venture - big or small.


...or me. The SELF doubt because you are passionate about something but because you want everything to be perfect and you definitely aren't perfect, you begin to question if you should even pursue the job, start the business, launch the site, attend the school or voice your dreams.

Did you know women tend to wait to even ATTEMPT applying to a position until they feel they are 100% confident in their abilities and skill level in order to avoid "imposter syndrome" while men will apply to that same position even if they feel 40% less confident??

This is killing us!

Here is the full article by Forbes: (good read)

This is how I conducted myself for years!!

Let's stop being afraid of loving on ourselves and loving on our dreams‼️Living your life and going above and beyond to ensure something you are passionate about comes to life is HIGH MAINTENANCE‼️ But most LUXURIES are❗️ Are they not⁉️I decided I'm worth more than a car or a bag or any material item that takes a lot of time or money to maintain❗️

So are you‼️

All this to say... YOU ARE READY... 💯 When you feel the ambitious fire inside you... let it burn.🔥 Be kind to yourself.💕 Tell yourself YES. ☺️ Don't tell yourself NO and kill the possibility of all the 🗣"YYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS" of people who want to support you!!!!!!! 🎶🎶🎶😄

🧖🏽‍♀️So tonight, we will do our skincare and look in the mirror like:


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