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Coding with Codecademy 💻


I literally just heard a roaring YYYEESSSSSSS!!!!!! from behind the computer screen... 🎉

...because who wouldn't want to learn to be a HACKER?! Haha!! (insert corny matrix jokes)

I... Absolutely.... LOVE... Codecademy. Why??? Because...

💡Well...Here's an early link in case you could care less about my opinion

and just want to go to the site:

OK back to what I was saying... BECAUSE... It is literally the easiest way to begin learning a new language!!🙌🏽 Anytime I am curious about a new language I know they will spoon feed me the basics and soon have me completing projects and I don't even know where the time goes! It's such a great place for beginners!

I really hope this site is around when my children are old enough to enjoy it! For now they will continue playing with their Coding Puppy which helps them start to think computationally as they work to build their "algorithm" for getting the doggy to it's bone or doghouse. They have no idea what an algorithm is or how it even applies to the activity so they really are learning while playing. It is actually pretty neat and kid friendly!

Anywho, you don't have to be interested in a career of software engineering to learn to code. You could just be a person who likes to learn new things or want to expose your children to various skills while they're young so that they can better determine what they want to do in their adult life.... or maybe you work around developers and want to get a better understanding of what they do! 👌🏽

And guess what! It's FREE!!!!! Years ago I started with the free version then upgraded to the Pro to get the extra projects and challenges because it was totally worth it. You definitely still get a great experience using the free tracks provided though. I included another link for your educational CONVENIENCE...You can thank me later :)

Click the link below to start learning!! You won't be disappointed. Happy Learning!

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