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💻Coding 101➰

4 Things You WANT to Know!

Before I start, here's the relevant video attached for your viewing pleasure: ▶️


  • Think of it this way... If your goal is to change careers or advance your current one then it most likely means you will need some show of competency in the form of a certificate or maybe even a degree unless you will be able to complete some sort of testing to demonstrate skill. Otherwise, if you wish to learn for your own benefit, there are no holds! This will help you figure out which avenue of learning you would like to focus on!


  • Are you organically more interested in front end or back end development? Here's a funny side by side comparison of the two. (Love these)


In a nutshell:

Front End Development generally deals with the perceivable user interface. Generating what the user interacts with!

Back End Development generally deals with the behind the scenes mumbo-jumbo that you could say makes everything kind of stay alive!

Keep in mind this is a HIGH-LEVEL overview to help you figure out where you want to start!! Which brings me to my fun fact! ⭐️

🤯Have you ever heard the term "high level" being used in conversation? In business, it is used to describe something "broad, without getting too much into the intricate details". It, however, can be confusing without context because it can be interpreted as keeping things at a high level in terms of difficulty or complexity... HIGH LEVEL programming, is programming that has a high abstraction from the complex details of the computer. This typically refers to languages that are more understandable by programmers and are much more common languages to learn. LOW LEVEL programming has a much lower abstraction from the details of the computer and typically include those intricate machine readable languages that are inherently much more difficult for human beings to understand and learn.

OK let's hop back into the list before I get sidetracked...😏

3. NUMERO TRES: Start Learning!

  • Just Start! One of the easiest ways to get launched into coding is with an intuitive learning platform. Codecademy is a site that I am very familiar with and can confidently say any beginner to any language or beginner in general would love it as a learning tool!

There's so many ways to learn! Look at sites like Codecademy or Youtube (I personally loved thenewboston on YouTube - he got me through my Java class)

4. NUMERO CUATRO: Do side projects!

  • Once you have started learning, start doing your own side projects! This helps you explore and make mistakes without consequence! When you hit Compile or Run and your program executes and does exactly what you wanted.. It is SOOOO UNBELIEVABLY REWARDING!🤩🥳

These are just a few things to keep in mind when beginning your learning journey! I will of course post more detailed reads later. 🤓 Happy Learning!

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