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What's the point of any of this...

Wake Up - Workout - Drop Off Kids - Go To Work - Go Home - Sleep - REPEAT.

HOW BORING.. But I'll tell you... dreams bloom from hunger, dissatisfaction, and desire for something more. Something triggers it.

What is it for you that makes you want more?

What makes you wish for better opportunities?

What stimulates your desire for higher education?

What do you envision when you think of your children's adult lives?

That last question... that's it for me.

Children are easily satisfied. They don't care about financial status or what preschool they're attending. They're just happy to have snack time and to be living and loving those around them. As you age you begin to see that some things that were spun into action by your primary caretakers during childhood directly impacted how you viewed success and either hurt or helped you as an adult.


If they decidedly refused to pay attention in school, they didn't want to go to college, they didn't envision school or a clear career path in their future... then that's on them and I can not change that. BUT...

I REFUSE to be what stood in the way of a child who WANTED MORE by:

  • failing to seek support, resources or therapies to augment any learning disadvantages or disabilities

  • failing to plan to assist in the financial burden of higher education

  • failing to be an in-home resource of intellectual, spiritual and social development

  • failing to encourage, model forgiveness, smother with love and foster a safe place to try their best and make mistakes while learning to stand back up without losing their footing

  • failing to be intentional and attentive in choosing lower education resources and being involved with schooling both in home and in school

  • failing to WORK to be the best example possible as the closest person that our children can assume as a successful and ambitious role model

It's not about having a goal of hitting a certain dollar amount for salary or job title to determine success...

It's about pursuing everything that I desire for myself regardless of its reception, thus showing my children that whatever they believe in and believe that they can be, run hard at that goal and don't wait for others approval to do it.

This yields ENORMOUS satisfaction... more than any respectable work role that they hold just for the approval of others.

Living for other people's view of your personal success is great if you would like to develop a meaty case of anxiety and empty purpose.

MY GOAL is to LIVE OUT LOUD and PARENT my children with love and patience and encourage bright & colorful, cool & collected, loud or quiet unique personalities whatever they be... that don't think twice when they think about expressing themselves or confidence in themselves or a skill they possess. Nothing I ever accomplish in life can be taken with me outside of this lifetime. Where it WILL live on though is in the foundational confidence of my children as a place they KNOW they can go because mommy did it. Hopefully it inspires them to push even further to open the SEEMINGLY closed doors and "peaks too high" in the minds of generations to come. We break mental barriers by doing our best with what we have and hand off the baton.

To all of my fellow mommies out there:

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