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🍯 Melanin needs 🌞 protection too.


Sooooo Hyperpigmentation. It's when you do everything right so not to blemish your skin just for your skin to be like, "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care".

Don't pick your face! ✔️Avoid unnecessary trauma!✔️ Be gentle! ✔️Got it! 👌🏽

Random breakout appears.. skincare routine stays consistent.. you don't even think about touching the blemish for fear of causing trauma to the skin thereby leaving a scar. Perfect. ✅

One week later... scar.😒

NO! Welcome to my life.🤷🏽‍♀️

So besides the obvious risks of sun damage induced skin cancer and premature aging, hyperpigmentation is something that many people (especially people of color) deal with.

It also happens to be the primary annoyance for my skin.

My skin can be hydrated, healthy, bright and clear but you can only see the ghosts of blemishes past. RRRRRrrrrrrrr!!!! (thats an angry sound)🦁

So we will remove all of the other fun skincare tidbits & knowledge that I have been ingesting from various dermatologists lately and we will focus on the one recommendation that they ALL deem imperative... Especially for someone who likes to complain about scarring.. SUNSCREEN! 🧴

I never included sunscreen in my routine until probably about a month ago and I have seen a major improvement in the fading of old hyperpigmentation and prevention of new scarring! 👌🏽🌈The sun is the most powerful force (besides natural collagen deterioration) that prematurely ages us, and darkens existing scars making it very difficult to treat with that Vitamin C serum from Ulta. 🤯 It's kiiiiiiiinda like... no match for the sun. 🤣

As someone with combination/oily skin, sunscreen seemed like a definite NO-GO. It's greasy, it will clog my pores, and it can instantly turn bronze skin into skin resembling something on the walking dead. 🧟‍♀️

The grayish-purplish zinc oxide concoction on brown skin seems like something you can only get away with at the beach when everyone expects faces and bodies to be covered in grainy pasty sunblock. Not cute for everyday in the office. Then there's the makeup with SPF claims which some dermatologists argue is not adequate protection and also question it's effectiveness.

🌈Well, good thing for us.. the beauty industry has carved out a whole lane for sunscreen skincare that isn't your run of the mill sunblock paint. HOWEVER, if you are brown like me, then you still have to be careful to avoid the ghost face. LOL!

💡🔌Here's a list of some 🍯honey,🥮 caramel, 👑toffee,⚜ bronze, 🍫chocolate, ☕️mocha, melanin-friendly sunscreens that apply without altering your skin tone and don't cause breakouts!💃🏽

🚫(The pictured {Supergoop Mineral Matte Screen} (small tube) didn't make the cut, so sorry girl I was rooting for you but you were only used for the picture - I can't recommend you. The pastiness was creeping... You're good but not good enough)❌

  1. Supergoop City Serum SPF 30 (my go to):

  2. Supergoop Glow Stick SPF 50: (this is a clear balm that I would use on liiiike a beach in Jamaica for an all over dewy glowy vibe)

  3. Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer SPF 30: (Oprah said it)

  4. LA Roche-Posay Clear Skin SPF 60:

There are so many great SPF skincare products that I haven't tried yet (I want to try some SPF mists), but once I do, if they're worthy I'll be sure to let you know. 😉

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